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How to Download Minecraft 1.20.1 in Mobile Android Apk 馃槺 (Latest Update)

If you’re looking for how to download Minecraft 1.20.1 for Android, which is the latest version of Minecraft for your Android device, you’ve come to the right place. Now, in this post, we’ll first go through all the new features of this latest Minecraft update for Android.


In Minecraft version 1.20, also known as Trails & Tales, a wide variety of new blocks have been introduced, including:

  • Bamboo Mosaic
  • Bamboo Planks
  • Bamboo Block
  • Cherry Leaves
  • Cherry Log
  • Cherry Planks
  • Cherry Sapling
  • Pink Petals
  • Bookshelf
  • Decorated Pot
  • Hanging Sign
  • Piglin Head
  • Suspicious Sand
  • Plant Torch


Furthermore, in this 1.20 version of Minecraft Java/Bedrock, new objects have also been included:

  • Paintbrush
  • Ceramic Shards
  • Smithing Molds
  • Torch Plant Seeds
  • Spawning Eggs


  • Camels

In Minecraft, camels are a mountable entity that can be equipped with a saddle and ridden by two players. They have 32 health points and naturally spawn in desert villages. They can be bred using cactus and will follow players holding cactus in their hand. Camels are tall enough that creatures measuring 2 blocks tall or less cannot reach the player while riding them, with the exception of spiders. They can walk over obstacles that are 1.5 blocks tall, such as fences and blocks with slabs on top.

Sometimes, camels sit down randomly and can be difficult to convince to move while sitting. Camels can walk slowly or run quickly. They can also lunge forward if the player uses the jump key while riding them, but this causes them to lose stamina for a while. During this period, they won’t be able to run or lunge again. If executed perfectly, a lunge can extend for more than 10 blocks.

  • Sniffer

In Minecraft, the Sniffer is a new passive and friendly creature that won the creature vote at Minecraft Live 2022. It is considered the first 芦ancestral禄 creature in the game. It is a very large creature, occupying a full 2×2 block space, and has 14 health points. Interestingly, it does not naturally spawn in the world and cannot be attracted or tamed.

It often sniffs in the air and occasionally digs for plant torch seeds. After digging, it has an 8-minute cooldown before it can dig again. The last 20 blocks it has dug are saved in its memory, and it won’t dig in them again. The Sniffer can be bred using plant torch seeds, and when it dies, it drops a moss block. Additionally, it’s possible to ride a Sniffer using the /ride command.

Non-Creature Entities

  • Cherry Boat
  • Bamboo Raft

Cherry Boat and Bamboo Raft are two new types of boats in Minecraft. The Cherry Boat is crafted with cherry planks, and the Bamboo Raft is crafted with bamboo planks. Both boats can be used to create a variant with a chest, the Cherry Boat with Chest and the Bamboo Raft with Chest, respectively.

These boats function similarly to regular boats but have a unique appearance. The bamboo raft is taller than a conventional boat, giving it a distinctive look.

World Generation

  • Cherry Trees
  • Cherry Grove

Cherry trees are a new type of tree found in cherry groves. They can be grown from cherry saplings. Occasionally, these trees generate with a beehive. They have branching or bending trunks at the top and are covered with large, round cherry leaf canopies.

Additionally, a new biome called the cherry grove has been introduced. This biome is found in mountains and has a meadow-like appearance. In cherry groves, it’s possible to find a variety of animals like pigs, sheep, rabbits, and bees. These animals add life and diversity to the environment of the cherry grove biome.